Monday, 23 September 2013

Progress with wiring

Dismantling any vehicle can be a daunting nightmare for the inexperienced DIY mechanic, and I am lucky in having had much past experience of vehicles and especially Land Rovers.

I had started to dismantle the interior to get a better look at how bad the wiring really was, and yes I knew all about the wiring and some of the rust in my project vehicle but there are a lot of other things I did not know about and they are the most annoying things that the seller simply omitted when selling the car to me, and yes a few of these faults had I known at the time would have been deal breakers for me, either vastly lower offer or more likely, walk away.

But here we go.

With the dashboard removed I could fully assess the burnt wiring loom and see how bad it really was with the relays

As I began dissecting the wiring loom I actually wondered what on earth I had bought but as I had figured out most of the system and what wires went where I thought it should only get easier from here on, so there was lots of cutting and soldering of wires, new loom needed building up to replace the burnt out L/H side loom and a great many of the wires needed to be cut away and new sections of cable grafted into place, the earths and fuse box were badly charred but became functional again after my magic touches.

This was the new loom now fully installed and note there are two extra wires in the system too, this is to kind of future proof the loom for the future roof mounted console to powered and it made sense to add them now rather than at a later date when I do get round to building something.

The relays caused me the biggest headaches as I had no idea what they were for nor did I have much of an idea what color the wires were under the black scorched plastic, but I broke the code and got a brand new genuine parts relay to fit for the wipers and although I do not know what the other two relays were for I know that all of the electrical system works as it should now.

Click this link to see Rusty run for the first time in over 7months!!!

And from this mile stone I now have to attend to the welding issues.

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