Monday, 13 August 2018

New plasma rope.

I always wanted to replace the steel cable with a synthetic rope on my winch and a few weeks ago an voucher popped into my inbox and with 20% off I thought why not.

Warrior (same brand as my winch 😁) branded 10mm synthetic winch line, it came with the thimble already attached and an alloy hause to replace the old roller fairlead.

It was rather boring to take pictures of and mostly unnecessary to take pics of but I stripped off the old 100 feet of steel cable, removed the roller fairlead and spooled up the new synthetic line.

And all done with the 5/8ths hook and the alloy hause fitted.

I'm not 100% satisfied with the hause fitting at present as the letterbox opening in the bumper is quite big and having seen a few of these snap I want to use a few pieces of square stock welded around the circumference of the hause to stop it from flexing and ultimately breaking.

Keep watching my blog to see the update to the winch bumper coming soon.

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