Thursday, 15 March 2018

Fitting a new front output bearing in the LT230 transfer box

Had a universal joint go on me a while ago and it started with a rumble but turned into a full on bone shaker by the time I got home.

Thought it was the transfer box initially but thankfully it was just the front propshaft universal joints.

But the output seal started leaking and I found the bearing to be noisy post universal so I decided to fit a new bearing.

First off, look through the book and see what parts we need and get them ordered up,

Two new output bearings

Two genuine output seals

 Sadly these were a later addition to the project in hand after finding out that the front output flange was badly scored and no longer serviceable.

I added a new set of bolts for both outputs as these were most likely original and I wanted to be safe and sound in the knowledge that they had been replaced and were in the best condition.

 Always make sure you have enough lubricant and a suitable means of topping up once the task is completed.

Get the tools ready and lets crack on shall we.

Drain the old oil out of the transfer case, and as always, remove the filler plug first so you know you can fill it up again after you're done.

Get the prop shaft off 

Tie it up out of the way

Undo the 30mm nyloc nut and wiggle the output flange out and off the shaft.

Now it is a case of prising out the old oil seal, removing the big circlip, refitting the flange and the nut a few turns and using a bar, lever out the shaft and the bearing as one unit.
Using a set of three leg pullers I pulled the old bearing off the shaft.

This was the point with it all on the bench that I found out that the old output flange was beyond saving and needed replaced.  Quite deep scoring and pitting means I would have been replacing the seal relatively quickly after this, far from ideal!

Fitted the new bearing to the shaft using a 35mm deep impact socket and liberally greased it up before refitting, I used the old outer bearing race with a slot cut in it and a 50mm 3/4" socket to drive it home.

Fit that pain in the hole big ass circlip that want's to ping everywhere but it will, after much perseverance, go back in the housing and just needs to be located in it's groove and one step closer to done.

Grease up the new output seal before fitting.

Fit the new output flange, new felt washer, the big thick washer and a new nyloc nut and wind it up to 120ft/lb or 162nm

 Put the drain plug back in and fill the transfer box with fresh EP 80/90

As long as there are no visible leaks, fit the propshaft with new nyloc nuts and take it out for a test drive.

Job jobbed.

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